Triune's short action film shot on the RED Epic!

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Film Riot - hosted by Ryan Connolly, is a hybrid of sketch comedy, tutorial, reality TV and a whole lot of non-sense, with the ultimate goal of teaching the art of independent filmmaking. Whether it’s low budget effects or how to create a film from writing all the way to editing, no corner of filmmaking is left unexplored.

Have you ever wanted to blow up a head, break an arm, or shoot some poor fool in the face without the annoying side effect of death or lawsuit? Then you’ve come to the right place. Film Riot is on a mission to come up with an inexpensive (and safe) solution for every effect thrown at them. And it’s not just for the violent at heart. They will also be covering great effects like car crashes, light sabers, phasers, perspective, day for night, and many others. But great effects aren’t enough, your film has to have great sound, visuals, and above all story. Film Riot covers the fundamentals of filmmaking by following Triune Films through the production of their latest short film “TELL”. Film Riot will show what it takes to make a film from start to finish, and all the pitfalls that come with it. During production Ryan will also be jumping over to Full Sail University in Orlando Florida to get insight from their extremely knowledgeable instructors on everything from writing to directing, make-up, cinematography, editing, producing, casting, and more. To sum it up, Film Riot is filled with great information and wrapped in a delicious and easy to swallow coating.